The Princess and the Frog Party Recently, I got my fairy tales confused! The Princess and the Pea and The Princess and the Frog are two different tales. Perhaps you would like a refresher too. If you are interested in The Princess and the Frog, the story in a nutshell goes like this:

The frog fetches the Princess’ golden ball on the condition that she allow him to sleep with her for three nights. After the frog retrieves the golden ball, the Princess does not like the frog and runs away. Still, the frog finds her and insists that he eat and sleep with her for the next three days. During this time, the Princess begins to like the frog. After the third night, as if by magic, the Princess wakes up to find the frog is now a handsome prince, as he has broken his spell with her help!

If this is a Princess theme that interests your kid, here are some party ideas to help match the story:

  • Fill a wading pool with all sorts of toys, and have a golden ball among them. Blindfold the kids, turn them around a few times, and have them find the ball.
  • The story is about making promises and keeping them with your friends. Have the kids make friendship bracelets with beads and string as a sign of friendship among one another.
  • This is also a magical story, as the frog turns into a prince after the third night. Hire a magician to put on a show for the kids at the party. If the entertainer can do animal tricks, particularly with frogs, this would be an added bonus for your theme!
  • Play Pass the Frog as you would Hot Potato.
  • Have a Leap Frog Relay Race.
  • Make lily pads out of green foam paper and play Musical Lily Pads.
  • Also use these lily pads for a bean bag toss. Have the kids throw small frogs onto the lily pads.
  • Make frog visors. Purchase plastic visors, and have the kids decorate them with googly eyes and markers.
  • Frog umbrellas could be an ideal party favor. Other ideas are little plastic frogs, gummy frogs, Beanie Baby frogs, pencils, erasers, notepads with frogs on them, golden bouncing balls, etc.

Now that I have my fairy tales straight, I hope this theme is lots of fun for your princess and her frog!

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  3. Princess and the Frog 8th Birthday Party!
    I really wanted to go out WAAAAY out for my daughter’s 8th Birthday. I knew this would be her last year being a Disney Princess because she grew out of this stage. So I planned a theme party around the movie.

    I blew up pictures of different scenes of the movie and had different area’s in my backyard creating stations. I created these centerpieces using posters, glued to cardboard adding tulle/glitter to create a magical flowing dress that stood on all the tables.

    One station was a cooking area, Tiana (Disney Princess) poster was blown up with her in the diner where she worked. I had a table pushed against the fence and made an oning out of cardboard for shade. We had a table under the oning with small pots and pans, rolling pins, dry assorted pasta shapes, play dough and 4 giant flour balls ready for the kids to dig in and create their favorite dish and present it to the Birthday Girl. I also had a giant pot that sat on the table with Dry Ice in it that bubbled and foamed over the cooking station – It was AWESOME! At the end we had a prize for the best plate presented to my daughter for judging.

    Second station was Make up and Dress Up. We had assorted color boa’s, jewerly, hair clips with color hair, and make up. Mirrors was nailed to the fence, The children LOVED IT! The 6 boys that came had a field day putting tattoo’s all over their body, drawing a mustache on their face.

    Third station was Activities, such as bubbles, hula hoops and just out door fun items.

    My centerpieces were posters of different Princess and the Frog characters, glued to cardboard adding tulle/glitter to create a magical flowing dress that stood on all the tables sparkling.

    Favors passed out were Princess and the Frog “COOKBOOKS” handed out at the end to all the kid. We copy kids recipes from other cook books and decorated them with stickers from the movie princess and the frog.

    Our backyard trees had little blown up colorful balloons that hung from curly ribbon tied to each branch with giant lolly pops next to them also hanging. Very cute!

    We had balloon arches the filled the back yard on all four sides. I made a cupcake stand out of cardboard and covered the 3 tier boxes with purple & lime green fabric and placed all 30 cupcakes on the tiers. I also made my own picks from the computer that had all the characters on each cupcake on it hot glued to a tooth pick.

    My daughter had the BEST Princess and the Frog Party EVER that she will always remember.

    pinknailsorfairytales said on August 5, 2010

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