A visitor to the site from Australia asked about a party for her little ones (kinder) to enjoy their new cubby house. Here is a cute poem for the invitation:

Kinder is my favorite place
Where I play and paint my face
In our new cubby house
I can be as snug as a mouse!

Make the invitation in the shape of a cubby house with flaps to open to the inside. When the guests open the flap they can find the rhyme and party details.

As the kids arrive, have a face painter paint a little picture on the kids’ faces, i.e. a rainbow, little mouse, star. Whatever is easy will be fine and the kids will love it!

Have the kids draw their own cubby house and then decorate it with glitter glue, stickers, markers, paint, etc.

Enjoy some fun relay races in the yard. Also, classic games like Hot Potato, Musical Chairs, Balloon Throw, will also be a lot of fun.

Given this party is to open a new cubby house. Have a little “Opening Ceremony:” Tie a yellow ribbon around the cubby house and have the kids cut the ribbon with kid-friendly scissors.

Of course, the main activity will be playing in the new cubby house! Make sure to plan free time for the kids to play!

Make a batch of cupcakes, and you can either have the kids frost and decorate them as an additional activity, or serve them up — easy with little mess!

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