So, your daughter wants a Princess party and the school rule is that you must invite the entire class … including the boys! How will this theme work for both boys and girls together? Recently, I wrote a plan for a Fairy party that is quite similar to a Princess party. If you add some “boy friendly” activities that girls will also enjoy, the theme will be a smashing success for both the princesses and princes.

Here are a few ideas to use in this party for boys and girls:

Have the girls make magic wands, and the boys make swords and shields.

Have all the kids make a crown. The girls can make a tiara, and the boys a proper crown with large jewels. After they make their crowns, have a crowning ceremony.

Have the kids decorate plastic champagne flutes before they toast the birthday kid.

Have them also decorate little treasure chests. You can fill these with goodies as their take-home gift.

Enjoy a treasure hunt in your yard for the jester’s juggling balls, magic potions (bubbles), dragon eggs (plastic eggs filled with candy), gold coins, etc. (This is the stuff that can be put in their treasure chests as take-home goodies.)

Enjoy a castle cake with ice cream. has a good one.

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  1. also a dragon pinata filled with goodies or gadgets(puzzles, erasers, fun do-dads if your not into sweets) would make fun for a dragon “slaying”

    Rachel said on July 20, 2009
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  4. k. you can make the theme colours blue, pink, and white
    also have the birthday girl where a tiara, princess dress and cindrella slippers. and dont forget dollarstore jewlerly so the princess can look like a princess.
    so as the party goes succesful have a dq icecream cake decorated like a princess.
    there you go a princess theme party. dont forget to get help from family members.
    your welcome. i know i am help ful

    someone said on July 30, 2010

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