Three Little Pigs PartyIs one of your favorite stories from childhood The Three Little Pigs?  It’s a classic tale of a wolf and his three little pig friends, one of whom outwits the wolf and saves his brothers too.  If your child loves pigs and this classic story, this would make a great birthday party theme for your child and his friends.

For a party invitation, I love DIY pig cards that will be perfect for this party.  Using square heavy card stock fold it into a large enough card to place a pink medium-sized circle glued atop the front of the card.  Embellish your pig with a snout, eyes, eyelashes, and ears by cutting out black and white shapes to make your pigs.  Write all of the party details on the inside of the card.

For your party decorations, create a barnyard atmosphere creating a red barn door on your front door to the party, spreading hay around the party table, creating a barnyard mural to hang on a party wall, and a sea of red, brown, and yellow balloons for the floor of the barn for the kids to wade through.

Given this is a piggy party, use pink balloons, streamers, and party ware to bring it alive as well.  You can use solid party-ware and draw pig faces on cups and napkins for added budget-friendly decor.  Wolf footprints leading to the party door would also add festivity.

Create an atmosphere of The Three Little Pigs too by creating mini-homes made out of hay, sticks, and brick.  This can either serve as a party activity or to be used in one.

For your Piggy Activities:

Give out a pig snout and place a bit of dirt on the guests’ faces to get this party started.

Who sounds like a pig?  Have the kids make piggy sounds together.

Play Piggy Says like Simon Says.

Have the kids either build the Three Little Pigs homes out of hay, sticks, and bricks.  See which ones they can huff and puff and blow down the easiest.

Read the classic tale and have the kids act it out together.

Hold a Piggy Hunt.  Hide pig stickers throughout the party area and give the group 2 minutes to find them.

Play Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Designate one child to be the Wolf and have the kids line up in one area, and the pigs must cross to the other line safely without being tagged by the Wolf.  If they are, they join the Wolf Pack as the kids try to reach the opposite side without being tagged.  The game continues until all pigs are wolves.

For your Piggy Party Menu: serve Pigs in a Blanket, Pig Slop (fruit salad), trail mix, and strawberry milk.

For a Piggy Sweet Treat, make a batch of vanilla cupcakes, frost with pink icing, and have the kids create pig faces with chocolate candies.  Here is a Pig Cupcake Tutorial as well.

Send the kids home with their pig snouts, small storybooks, and small burlap bags filled with a piggy trail mix.

Now who exactly is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Say It!

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