Amusement Park PartyLet’s say you are going to have a birthday party at an amusement park. Sometimes the rides, games, and activities offered by the park will be sufficient to keep the kids entertained at the party. This is especially true if the child is a bit older, i.e. a pre-teen to a teenager.

If you plan to have an amusement park party for smaller children, then you may need to have a few additional activities on hand to keep the kids occupied as they return to the party pavilion for a break or just to enjoy the party itself.

They can be quite simple and easy, but will be excellent in this situation:

  • Have a bean bag toss
  • Enjoy different relay races
  • Play Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Do a ring and/or coin toss
  • Fill jars with candies and have the kids guess how many are in the jar.
  • Make a large birthday card for the birthday kid. It can be decorated with markers, glitter, crayons, paint, etc.
  • Make amusement park rides out of modeling clay and pipe cleaners, like a rollercoaster, Ferris wheel, etc.
  • Bring plain cupcakes and have the kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. They can eat them right there and then.

Just a few additional activities such as the ones listed above will help to keep the kids entertained and busy during the party when they are hanging out and not riding rides, etc.

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