Around the World PartyAn Around the World Party is a unique theme for your kid’s birthday party. It is an especially good theme for primary school kids, ages 7 to 10 years old. This party will take some good planning, but will not be expensive.

If you want to try something unique along these lines, here are some ideas:

For your invitation, make an “Around the World” plane ticket with all of the information in “travel speak.” Put “Departure Time” for the party start and “Arrival Time” for the party end. For the RSVP, ask guests “To Confirm Their Flight and Seat.”

When your guests arrive, have a sign welcoming them to the “Airline,” which can be named after the birthday kid. Check their name off of your boarding list. When they arrive, if they have brought a gift, act like this is luggage and have someone come and take their baggage from them immediately. You could then snap a digital picture or Polaroid picture and place it into a mock passport. Hand them a small canvas bag for their trip. This will serve as their goody bag ~ filled with items from their trip.

Lead them into the airline. This can be a space in your home set up with chairs much like an airplane would look like. Put together a video of places that they will be touring today. You can either play educational videos on a certain place, or play a video from that country. You can get creative however you would like to set it up based on the places you visit. You could also just discuss each country providing some facts on the country as well. You could also print money out that is the currency of the countries that they are visiting and provide the money to them as they depart for each destination.

When they leave the plane for their destinations, make sure to stamp their passport sheet and give them the relevant money. No matter which country/city you decide to visit, put together one relevant activity for each place. Also, place some relevant decorations around, i.e. if you go to France, place a picture of the Eifel Tower and the French flag in the room. You could also give each kid a mini-flag of that country and a little remembrance from each location that they can put in their bags.

Some examples of activities include:

  • If you go to Egypt, mummify the birthday kid by wrapping him in toilet paper.
  • In China, have the kids pick up gummy fish with Chop Stix. Whoever eats the most wins a prize. Hand out fortune cookies!
  • In Hawaii, enjoy a hula hoop contest
  • In one of the places, enjoy your birthday menu. As an example, go to Italy and serve pizza or have the kid make their own mini pizzas.
  • If you go to Belgium or Switzerland, have a chocolate-tasting.
  • In Africa, have little stuffed animals blown up into balloons in a room and then blow up a bunch more balloons and placed in one room. The kids must find the balloons with the animals inside. Just like a balloon safari hunt.
  • If you go to Brazil, explain the importance of soccer and play a game of it outdoors if the weather is good.
  • In Mexico, break a party pinata!
  • In London, play musical statues.
  • In Alaska, serve baked Alaska as a dessert. Also, Igloo pops and ice cream sandwiches.

These are just some of the ideas, each activity will differ based on the country. By the time the party finishes, the kids will have a goody bag full of tourist mementos. They would have enjoyed their party food and goodies along their trip as well.

Make sure to take pictures that you can send in your thank you notes after the party. Can you imagine the kids going around the world in up to 180 minutes. Talk about memorable!

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