shutterstock_251487881I was planning to take my kid and a few of his friends to an Adventure-Themed Party. I want to send invitations, but also let parents know that they would have to pay for their child’s admission. At $34 per kid, I can’t afford to pay for all of the guests. Is this wrong to ask of another parent? Should it just be one friend and I pay?

Outside venues that offer exciting adventure are excellent party plans. However, $34 is a steep price, and I can understand why you need the other parents’ to pay their own kid’s fee. Most parents assume when their kids attend a party that the host will pay for the activities at the party. Thirty-four dollars may also be a lot of money for families to pay to send their kids to a party, and that may allow some to attend and others not. I don’t think it is “wrong” to ask these families to pay, I am concerned however of families/kids feeling awkward about being able to pay or not able to pay, thus, being able to attend or not.

How this can best be avoided is exactly what you have suggested. Inviting one friend and paying for your kid and his friend would make it easiest and also avoid the potential awkwardness of asking the parents to pay. This is a special outing and having your kid share it with one good friend will be exciting and meaningful!

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