Barney I Love You, You Love Me…and so the famous Barney song goes. For small children, Barney, the large lovable purple dinosaur, is a favorite character who spends time with children sharing love and having fun together. Children will love to have a party theme based on this character with all of their friends.

Create a Purple Puzzle Invitation. Use heavy purple card stock and write your Barney party details on the paper in the shape of Barney. Cut your invitation into puzzle pieces, and place them into a mailing tube. Your party guests will need to assemble the invitation to learn the details.


Hang Barney posters near the front entrance and on the party walls.

Cut out large Barney footprints out of purple construction paper and place them on the walkway leading to your front door.

Use purple, green, and yellow balloons and streamers.

Go to an appliance store and ask for a large box ─ often they will give old boxes to you free of charge. Make this large box look like a tree:

  • Cut a door in the bottom so the kids can go inside the tree house.
  • Have posters, dolls, and Barney toys and his friends all around the tree
  • Make a big sun out of yellow poster board and suspend it above the tree using fish wire.

Create a festive Barney party table with a purple tablecloth, and alternating purple, green, and yellow for your table ware. Place a large stuffed Barney animal in the center of your table and attach purple and green balloons to him for added festivity. Scatter purple, green, and yellow crayons around the party table for the kids to color with as a table activity.

Celebrate Express does have Barney themed party goods.


Play Barney May I. Have one child be Barney. Have the other children take turns asking, Barney May I followed by a certain number of steps. The first child to get to Barney is the next Barney.

Play Barney Says like Simon Says.

Play Barney Musical Chairs, like Musical Chairs, played to Barney Music. If you would prefer not to use chairs, cut out purple dino footprints and place on the floor for the kids to hop from footprints while the music is playing. Remove a footprint each time a new round of music begins.

Play Pin the Heart on Barney. Use a large purple poster board and cut out a purple dino. Similarly, cut out a large red heart. Have the kids Pin the Heart on Barney as you would play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Make Cloud Shapes. Provide the children with blue construction paper, cotton balls, and glue. The kids can make any cloud shapes they imagine with their craft supplies.

Hold a Dinosaur Egg Hunt. Hide purple, green, and yellow plastic eggs and provide Barney Bags in purple, green and yellow for guests to use to collect their eggs.

Find Barney’s Spots. Cut out large and small purple spots and hide them around the party room and outdoors.  The kids must find as many spots as they can within a 5 minute time frame.

Barney Train: Put on Barney party music. Form a human train and have them dance to the music as they move around the party area. Encourage the leader to make various kinds of moves (hopping, jumping, rolling, twirling, etc.) as the rest of the group follows.

Barney Name Game. Say one of the guests name’s and perform a physical motion that you associate with that name. For example, yell Susan and jump forward in a pouncing motion. Then the person to the left repeats this motion and the next person and the next until it gets to the person named, Susan. Susan picks someone else’s name and performs a different motion and the new motion is repeated until the name ripple gets to the person named. Keep doing this until everyone is named.

Barney Tissue Tournament. Ask the kids to sit in a circle and provide everyone with a colorful straw. Show the kids how to hold a paper tissue inhaling through the straw and using the suction to pull the tissue against the end of the straw. Invite the kids to pass the tissue around the circle using their straws. If the tissue falls to the ground have the guest who dropped it pick it up and resume passing the tissue around the circle.

Party Menu

Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, make heart shaped sandwiches and fill with cream cheese and grape jam.

Using a dinosaur cookie cutter, cut out cheese slices, fruits, cookies, and brownies to make the treats thematic.

Serve a Fruit Sun. Place a pineapple ring in the center of a dish and arrange sliced oranges and peaches around it like the rays of the sun. Use raspberries to make a smile and blueberries for the eyes

Make a large sheet cake and decorate with large green icing spots. Alternatively, make chocolate cupcakes and top off with purple and green frosting.

Party Favor

Send the kids home with the eggs that they collected in their Barney Bags and Purple Poppers. To make your Poppers, use cardboard tubes and place small Barney toys inside and wrap the tube in purple tissue paper and tie off with a yellow ribbon.

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  1. My kids saw Barney live in our local area – they LOVED it!! I’m thinking this will be my daughter’s next party theme.

    Click here for more ideas! said on February 27, 2012

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