Black icing and frosting for Halloween GoodiesBlack icing and frosting is all the rage during the Halloween season! Be careful working with black icing and frosting — it can often turn everyone’s mouths black and will stain just about anything!

Black Icing Resources

If you want to make your own black icing, you can order black paste food coloring from Buying black color is the easiest thing to do given the strong concentration of colors to produce black.

I like this black icing tip from the Party Works.

If you are looking for some brown icing, you can melt unsweetened chocolate and mix it into your white icing — yummy! If you want to turn this brown frosting black, add black gel food coloring. It will turn it the color you want using less black gel, and also taste great. In terms of brown, if a recipe has lemon juice or cream of tartar in it, the brown color can have green overtones. So, if using brown icing, you may want to omit these ingredients.

One further note: many people believe the black icing tastes bitter and instead recommend chocolate icing. However, using powdered food coloring in addition to the paste alleviates some of this problem.

Wilton has an excellent icing chart. Great resource!

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