You have decided to organize a buffet for the adult guests at your next kids’ party…now what to serve…most likely you will need to make your food well ahead of the party and simply need to warm it so that you won’t be running around cooking while trying to host all of the kids and others.

Well, as we move into the Autumnal party season, here are some ideas:

  • Pasta Dish, such as lasagna
  • Hearty Soup
  • Pot of Chili
  • Corn bread, muffins, or other fresh bread and rolls
  • Salads, a favorite such as garden or Caesar would be easiest
  • Veggies with dips
  • A selection of cheeses with crackers

A few keys to a buffet, make it simple to make and serve, especially as planning a kids’ party has so many elements that must be organized, i.e. the games, crafts, other entertainment, etc. It’s a lot…so make the part of feeding the adults as easy as possible. They will just be grateful to have lunch or dinner taken care of while attending the party as well.

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