It’s a classic!  A cake walk is often a favorite fundraiser at schools.  I have recently attended a gala evening for a local non-profit and there was a “Cake Run!”  Basically, each table collected extra donations and placed it in the envelope.  At the opportune moment during the evening, the money collected from each table was tallied and the tables that raised the most were able to “run” to the cake table first and pick their cake for dessert.  They read the table numbers off very quickly, so everyone was up and running!  An excellent and fun way to raise some extra money and get your dessert!

You can definitely have a lot of fun with this walk or run ~ whether for charity or just to have a good time.

A cake walk can be a part of a larger themed party or be the party itself.  For kids, you may want to combine a cake walk with an ice cream delight.

Send out “scratch and sniff” invitations, asking your guests what goes with ice cream?”  A cake walk of course.  Provide all of the pertinent details of the party and ask them to wear something “delicious.”  If you want help with the baked cakes, have your guests bring a cake to the walk as a contribution.

Upon the kids’ arrival, have jars full of lots of candies, licorice. Gobstoppers, gumballs, and other sweet treats.  Decorate with streamers and balloons that are in candy colors.  Provide edible necklaces to the kids to wear.  If the boys don’t want to wear them, give them out anyway.

Set up an ice cream bar as a treat station before the cake walk begins.  Set out vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams and then set out toppings galore for the kids to create their masterpieces.  Yum!

After everyone is having a bit of a sugar high, begin the cake walk.  Make a circle with numbered squares and have corresponding tickets numbered in a jar or hat. Take into account the number of kids participating and cakes you have on offer to determine the number of marked squares.   Players stand on a square that is numbered, one person per square. Announce the cake for the current round. Start playing music and then stop it after a little while.  When it stops, players should end up on a numbered square. Once everyone has a number to stand on, pull out a numbered ticket randomly from the jar or hat. The player standing on the corresponding number wins the cake. If no one is standing on one of the numbers pulled, pull out another number until someone wins.

This is a very popular game so make sure that you have a lot of numbered squares in case adults want to play as well.

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