Candy Buffet PartyRecently someone who is turning 13 commented that for the upcoming special party she was going to create a Sweet Candy Buffet as a party centerpiece for the occasion.  I love this idea and think it can be used for any type of party from birthday celebrations for all ages to graduations to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and beyond.  If this idea appeals to you, I would visit Amy Atlas Events for her eye candy to see some great visuals for candy and dessert buffets that are sure to please your guests of all ages.

If you’re looking for bulk candy to put in jars and to use for activities and favors, has a large selection of colorful classic candies. Celebrate Express also carries a variety of unique candies like swirl lollipops and cotton candy swirls.

I would look at Amy’s Candy Shop Dessert Table in particular if your child has a sweet tooth and you want to set up an old fashioned candy shop.  If it’s going to be a focal point for your party, here are some party activities too:

1. Pull out those oversized lolliops and see how many licks it takes to finish it off.

2. Guess how many candies are in the various jars.

3. Wear the candy necklaces during the party and/or send them home as party favors.

4. Anyone interested in a bubble gum blowing contest?

5.  Create artful masterpieces using the dot candy and glue sticks.  Make sure the kids eat dots along the way and not the glue!

6. Divide guests into two teams and give each team a little candy scoop.  They must scoop out candy from one jar, race to another jar and fill it as quickly as possible without losing any of their scoops!

7. Create your own candy party favors. Have the kids fill colorful clear bags with their favorite candies from the table and tie off with colorful ribbon.

A candy buffet can provide not only the sweet treats for the party, but also party fun!  Become inspired and create your own or give Amy a call for expert help!

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