China Themed Girls Birthday Party

Throw a fun, unique birthday party for your little girl by paying homage to Asia. Bright colors, delicious cuisine and beautiful decorations make a China themed birthday party irresistible fun.

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Fortune Cookie Birthday Cake

Instead of a regular birthday cake, order a giant fortune cookie with a personalized birthday fortune inside. The large size makes it a perfect alternative to a cake, and the fortune cookie is right on theme for the party.

Alternately, you can incorporate the fortune cookie idea into your dessert without sacrificing delicious cake with Fortune Cookie Cupcakes.

How to Make Fortune Cookie Cupcakes:

1. To create them, bake a batch of cupcakes in your daughter’s favorite flavor and frost generously.
2. Then, pick up a bag of fortune cookies with your Chinese food order.

3. In the center of each cupcake, place a fortune cookie for decoration. You can also add piped frosting designs to the cupcakes for a pretty touch.

China Themed Decorations

Incorporate the vibrant, beautiful colors of China into your party with lively décor.
If you live in a metropolis, the easiest way to get traditional Chinese decorations is to head to your local Chinatown.

Purchase paper lanterns, colorful kites, delicate Chinese paper cutting banners and bright paper parasols to create a spectacular party setting.

Paper Lanterns:

If you are holding the party in the spring or summertime, string the lanterns outdoors from trees. If the birthday party is indoors, place small hooks in the walls and tie string onto the hooks to string lines of lanterns back and forth across the room.

Square or rectangular lanterns can also be placed on the food table with candles inside for a soft glow.

Butterfly Kites:

Hang butterfly kites from lighting fixtures so that they flutter above the dining and living area. Or take down the artwork and photos currently hanging on your walls and use the nails to hang the butterfly kites flat against the wall.
For outdoor parties, hang the butterflies from trees and fences.

Paper Parasols:

If you can find both, purchase the large paper parasols and the small mini drink parasols. Hang the large parasols upside down at varying heights from trees to create a colorful canopy over the party area. Have a few extra lying around for the girls to play with as well.

Place small paper parasols in Styrofoam balls to create bright decorative balls for the table. Also place the parasols in a piece of fruit to put on the rim of a drinking glass to add a spark of color and excitement to the iced tea beverages.

How To Make Chopsticks Kid-Friendly

All you need for this craft is a rubber band per each chopstick set, and disposable wooden chopsticks that come in a paper sleeve. Follow the instructions below, or check out this video online.


  • Remove wooden chopsticks from paper sleeve.
  • Fold paper sleeve over and over in a 1/3 of an inch width until you reach the end of the paper.
  • Stick the folded paper between the two chopsticks, about an inch down from the top (the thickest part of the chopsticks).
  • Wrap the rubber band around the paper and chopsticks until the piece of paper is secured in place. Now all kids have to do is squeeze the chopsticks to pick up the food! If you’re still lost, check out the video above for help.

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