Classic Budget-Friendly Party Games Looking for a few new classic games to play at your kids’ birthday parties beyond Musical Chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

Why not try …

Pass the Parcel

Items needed: gift wrap, small present, music

This game is hugely popular in the UK and Australia! Wrap your prize in as many layers of gift wrap as you have kids attending. Have the children pass the parcel around to one another while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel must unwrap one layer. The game continues until the last child unwraps the final layer and wins!

Candy Hunt

Items needed: candy, paper bags

Hide the candy around the party area and give each guest a paper bag. Give them five minutes to find as much candy as they can. The children can take these sweet bags home as the party favor.

Sock ‘Em

Items needed: socks, music, a prize

Make a huge pile of socks, perhaps ten times as many as the number of kids attending the party. Play music and have the guests try to put on as many socks as possible while it is on.  When you turn the music off, whoever has the most socks on wins the prize!

Button, Button

Items needed: a button

Ask a birthday guest to leave the room, and hide a button in the party area. When the child returns, have him or her try to find the button. The other guests must direct the child by saying if he or she is hot or cold as compared to the location of the button. Once the button is found, another guest is chosen until all have had a turn.

Balloon Buds

Items needed: balloons, a prize

Pair up the kids into teams. Have the teams stand back to back with one another with a balloon wedged between them their backs. The kids must walk sideways with the balloon in place to a designated finish line. The team the crosses the finish line first wins! If a team drops the balloon they must begin again!


And if you not quite to this point in your party planning, never fear!  Check out our Big List of Birthday Party Ideas for great kid party plans!

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  2. hi this is great thanks for the inspiration i will use it for my own party in september!

    katie said on March 10, 2012

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