Amount of Time: 5 to 15 hours
Budget: $100 – $500
Age Group: Under the age of 5
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors would work best. If you do a Crayola crayon hunt, this might be best done outdoors.

Special Notes:
Crayola has some fabulous ideas for this type of a party.

Colors is a special party for very small children, even as young as one year old. Babies love to look at bright colors and so if you only have babies from 6 to 18 months, have primary color toys that the babies can play with, read color books, put on cheerful music, and send home books on colors. If this is the general age, then 45 minutes to an hour is plenty of party time.

If there are older children, up to 5 years old, the activities listed below are sure to be a hit as kids love to color and make colorful crafts.


Ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite color.

Find crayon clipart, take a picture of your child coloring and put together the two on an invitation that is made on bright colored cardstock.

Create an invitation in the form of a Crayola box of Crayons.


Use different primary color streamers and balloons.

Use tableware with different primary colors, bright blue tablecloth, red cups, green plates, yellow napkins, etc.

Hang your child’s color art all over the party room.


Play Crayola trivia. You can get fun facts off of the Crayola website and have the adults attending the party take the quiz and help the kids as well. Whoever wins gets a fresh set of crayons and a coloring book.

Decorate a milk carton in the shape of a crocodile, and have the kids feed the croc with their crayons.

Have paper out on a table and provide the kids with markers and/or crayons. Have the kids walk around the table as the music played, and when the music stops, have the kids begin to draw on the sheets of paper. Each guest will take home a picture created by several different artists.

Provide empty boxes of crayons to the kids and hide different colors of crayons throughout your home or backyard and have the kids find the crayons and fill their empty boxes with different colors.

Enjoy a brightly colored piñata filled with different colored candies and crayons.

Have play dough for the kids to play with and make crafty items that they can take home with them.


Purchase white hats for the kids to decorate with sparkles, glitter, and stickers. They can do this as the first activity and wear their caps throughout the party.

Make sugar cookies in fun shapes and have the kids decorate them with fun colors of icing and sprinkles.

Buy some colorful shoelaces and have the kids make bright-colored necklaces out of them.

Color little puzzles that the kids can take apart and reassemble together.

Have different craft stations, one for finger painting, sidewalk chalk drawing, coloring, etc.


Enjoy Rice Krispie pops, but make them out of fruity pebbles and put a stick in the middle so they can be eaten as a lollipop.

Make a fresh fruit salad.

Different flavors of fruit juice.

Jell-o fingers made out of the bright colors cut into different fun shapes.

Have colorful candies on hand, M&Ms, gummies, and gumdrops.

Bright colored veggies with dip, i.e. carrots, red and orange bell pepper, cucumbers, etc.


Make cupcakes and decorate them with icing in different primary colors.

Include sprinkles into the cake batter to have bright colors in the cake itself.

Bake a rectangular sheet cake and frost/decorate it in bright primary colors or to mimic the Crayola box.


Inflatable beach balls in different colors that they can play with during the party.

For babies, give a book about colors.

Provide goody bags full of crayons, coloring books, Crayola sidewalk chalk, put a picture of the birthday child into a Crayola frame, Crayon barrettes, bright colored candies, etc.

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