CSI Birthday Party Ideas Who are you…Whoo…Whooo…is CSI a part of your TV viewing on a weekly basis? With the show taking place in Las Vegas, NY, and Miami, chances are if you want to watch it, you definitely have the opportunity! Recently, I was asked by a friend’s soon-to-turn 13 kid to write a party plan for CSI-themed party? It disturbed her mother a bit that she was asking for such a party, but there you go!

A CSI party would be an excellent party theme for the tweens and teens…it would be especially good if you held it over 3-5 hours so the kids have time to solve the crime that you stage…or that the kids stage.

OK, Molly, here are some ideas to help you plan your CSI party:

  1. For the invitation, send your guests a small kit of tools for helping to solve your CSI. There are many tools used on the show, and you can pick from their official list. Some other ideas include: plastic tweezers, rubber gloves, a small magnifying glass, small makeup brush, small tube of white powder (i.e sugar). Attached to your bag of tools, have a little notecard with the party details attached. Relate that a team of CSIs are convening to learn about the latest techniques in solving modern-day crimes. Remind them to bring along their bag of tools in order to use them at the training!
  2. At your home, decorate by making the party area look like a CSI lab…have a table placed with a white cloth over it. Microscopes, jars filled with vinegars and plastic body parts, etc. can be scattered around the room. Make it look very sterile, clean, and empty. Set up chairs in the area for the kids to use while in lab.
  3. Make a “Welcome to CSI Lab” sign by the front entrance to the party. Make sure to play the famous music to get everyone in the mood.
  4. You don’t necessarily have to have an official party table for this gathering. Ordering pizza and serving soda pop will do the trick toward the end of the gathering. Let them eat in and around the crime lab.
  5. If you would like to blow up balloons and streamers, make them black, brown, dark green, etc. in keeping with the gritty colors of the job.
  6. When the kids enter the party, i.e. the lab, make sure to fingerprint each one. Place this on a badge with their name beside it. They will wear these badges throughout the party for their ID.

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  1. Just As Well Have The Birthday Girl/Boy Be The Body! It Twice The Fun! Trust Me I Tried!

    ILoveCSI said on June 20, 2007
  2. looking for ideas, have a 15 year old wanting a dinner murder mystery party, do not want it to be too heavy a light mystery..to solve…i would like one of the guests to be the guilty

    Gheri White said on December 29, 2008
  3. We are former Scotland Yard Detectives and do Children’s CSI parties-which have won National Awards!

    Call me on 01603 864647

    Steve Gaskin said on January 5, 2009
  4. hi im turning 13 in july and i love the show csi so i decided to have the theme csi but i cant see to find decorations i looked everywhere online but found nothing but ideas sooooo i need to know what website has the decorations for csi lasvegas please email me @ nicolecedillo@hotmail.com!!!!!! thanks

    devoni said on June 27, 2010

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