“Some Pig,” “Terrific,” “Radiant,” “Humble” : All words Charlotte spun in her special web to describe dear little Wilbur, the runty pig a little girl stood up for and cared for. This sweet and classic childhood story takes Wilbur through an entire year, as he is born a “spring pig” and wants to see the snow and not the smoke house! It has once again come to life beautifully at the movies and is sure to be a favorite story to base a special kids party on.

Looking for ideas to bring this theme together? Here are some to spin your own party’s web with:

For the Invitation:

Send out a red barn invitation with flaps that open, and provide the party details inside. If you are hand-delivering your invitations, purchase chocolate carrots and attach them to the cards for added festivity.

For the Decorations:

When decorating, make up a barnyard scene. Put some bales of hay on the path leading to your front door, and cut out large farm animals from poster board, such as geese, cows, sheep, pigs, and don’t forget the rat! Post signs stating “Somerset County” and “Welcome to Zuckerman Farm!”

Make sure to hang spider webs throughout the party area.

Take a large cardboard box and paint it red for the old barn that the animals live in, and place stuffed farm animals in the barn for the kids to play with.

Charlotte’s Web uses lots of different colors. The storybook has mainly pastel colors, such as blues, greens, pinks, and creams. If you are celebrating a first birthday, this may be the color scheme you choose. Wilbur is also taken off to the Somerset County Fair where carnival colors pop. Bright blues, greens, yellows, and reds would be very appropriate if you build a Charlotte’s Web party around the county fair scene.

Decide on your color scheme, and mix and match the colors for plates, napkins, cups, and tableware. At the table, tie balloons to each of the party chairs, and place a stuffed pig in the middle of the table. Tie balloons to him. Place plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolate beside each place setting.

For the Games and Activities:

When the kids enter the party, have a large piece of butcher paper spread across a table. Have them draw a barnyard scene of their own. Provide crayons, finger paints, glitter glue, etc. When the paper dries, hang it up as an additional decoration, perhaps placed behind the barn you have made out of the large cardboard box.

Another craft the kids can make is a barn using wooden Popsicle sticks. Have the kids color them red and glue them together. This craft can be taken home as a goody.

Once everyone has arrived, play some fun and educational games:

Provide each kid with their own “netting” for a spider web, and give them different words, such as “pretty,” “happy,” “unique,” etc. Have the kids try to make their webs reflect these words. Discuss how hard it must have been for Charlotte to embed words into her web! The kids can take these webs home at the end of the party.

Play Hot Wilbur just like Hot Potato with a small stuffed pig.

Play Wilbur Says as you’d play Simon Says. Have Wilbur ask the kids to act like pigs, grunting, rolling in the mud, eating their food quickly, etc.

Download a Charlotte’s Web maze, and have the kids enjoy finding their way through.

Enjoy a barnyard obstacle course, and help Wilbur get out of his barn. Set up a maze either in your basement or backyard, and have the kids run through while holding a little stuffed pig. Each kid can take a turn walking around chairs, climbing through tables, jumping over footstools, etc. Whatever is fun!

Using a chalkboard or white magic board, have the kids play a series of word games, such as Hangman.

Conduct a mock spelling bee!

Provide a series of facts and myths about spiders. Have the kids guess which ones are true and which ones are false.

Play Charades. Have the kids act out different barnyard animals.

Play Pin the Nose on Wilbur using a pig cutout and piggy nose.

Wilbur heads off to the carnival to see if he will be voted best pig in Somerset County. Play a series of carnival games to bring the scene alive.

Check out the Charlotte’s Web official movie site for downloads, such as bookmarks, posters, etc.

For the Party Menu:

Make “pig slop” by cutting up vegetables and fruits and serving them with Ranch dip or caramel dip.

Make a batch of piggy apples.

Use piggy cookie cutters to cut out little sandwiches for the kids.

Make a batch of piggy sugar cookies, and decorate them with pink frosting for an added treat.

Make a Fat Piggy cake to celebrate!

For the Party Favors:

For the goodies, make each kid a T-shirt with an iron-on from the official movie site. Other things you could give them include piggy candy, small notebooks and pencils for sketching like Fern is often caught doing while visiting Wilbur in the barn, spider webs with plastic spiders, beanie barnyard animals. etc.


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