Despicable Me Party TipsThis summer, Despicable Me comes to theaters with Gru, a super villain who is beyond wicked, super power machines, darling, lovable orphans, and a cast of minions to do all of the work!  It’s funny and poignant…what a new concept…a villain all washed up by the younger villainous generation!  This is sure to entertain and the 3D experience will add to the fun.  If you have a summer afternoon with some open time and children over at your home, Despicable Me may not only prove to be a fun afternoon outing, but also make up some fun party and play date activities to keep the kids entertained this summer too.

Despicable Me Kids Party Tips:

1. Minion Bowling.  Set up yellow plastic bowling pins and bowl away.  To make minion pins, collect large plastic bottles and decorate with yellow paint pens.

2. Freeze Ray Tag.  Just like freeze tag, but have the kids tag using a ray machine – any toy the kids choose will do.

3. Steal the Moon like Gru.  Make a round moon using a large Styrofoam ball painted gray.  Hide the Moon and divide the kids into two teams and see who can Steal the Moon and can the other team steal it back?

4.. Gru takes the girls to the amusement park for some fun.  Set up a few carnival games for extra fun.

5. Super Villain Powers.  Ask the kids what villain powers they would like to have and act them out!

6. Serve Girl Scout cookies, similar to what the orphans are selling when they meet Gru.

7. Vector drinks with a crazy straw.  Hand out your own crazy straws and give the kids drinks to Vector-ize with their own crazy straws.

8. Gru has a cool secret hideout in his home.  Especially good for a rainy day, have the kids create their own secret hideaway using pillows, chairs, sheets, and whatever else you have around your home to play in over the afternoon.

Despicable Me will not only be a fun movie to see for the whole family, but can inspire an afternoon of fun too for your child and his friends.  It’s despicably good!

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