Dirt Bike BMX Party IdeasIs your son a fan of dirt biking or perhaps loves to watch BMX dirt bike racing?  If so, and he has friends who also love their dirt bikes, this would be a great outdoor birthday party for him.  Although this theme may appeal more to boys than girls, both may enjoy the sporty nature of this party, so it may be a good theme if you are inviting the entire class.

Dirt Bike BMX Party Invitation

Take an action photo of your child on his dirt bike and make multiple copies for your dirt bike BMX party invitation.  Using white heavy card stock for the invitation card.  Fold in half and place the picture on the front of your invitation and inside write all of your party details on the inside.

Party Tip: This party will require that your guests bring their own dirt bikes with them, so make a note of this to your guests along with requesting that they also being along safety equipment, i.e. a helmet and knee and shoulder pads.

Dirt Bike BMX Party Decorations

The majority of this party will take place outdoors and so the best way to decorate this party is to set it up as BMX racing path.  Hand black and white checked flag throughout the outdoor party area and perhaps to set off different areas of the party.  Place a checkered flag on to the front door to your party and bike wheel cutouts as a path to the party too.  Tie off black, white, and red balloons to mark your home to your guests too.

Dirt Bike BMX Party Activities and Menu

This party will be all about the bike races.  Make sure that each child has their safety equipment on hand before they begin to ride and also make sure you have lined up enough help to supervise the races in the designated area.  Given all children may not be at the same level, this is especially important.

Additionally to riding and racing their dirt bikes, send the kids on a BMX Scavenger Hunt in the neighborhood. Divide the kids into two teams and give them a list of things that they must find in the neighborhood in a designated amount of time.  Send them off to find sticks and stones and everything else that you can think of in the natural world.

This is all about the bikes too.  If the kids need a break from riding, have them give their Dirt Bikes a bath. This will be a ton of fun with hoses, buckets of water, etc.  Be prepared for a water fight!

For your dirt bike BMX party menu, keep it all about the wheels with this menu.

Dirt Bike BMX Party Favor

Give the kids water bottles with their names written on each one and filled with a favorite snack or candy.

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