shutterstock_19335919Diwali is a joyful festival of lights that celebrates the New Year in India and by Indians throughout the world. This is a huge holiday that is celebrated with a holiday from school, special foods, people dressed in their best clothes, giving each other sweets and gifts, and decorating their homes with flowers and lamps, and, of course, fireworks.

Mid-October the celebration will be on, and so if you are looking for ideas to help your kids celebrate the special time of Diwali, have a look below for a round-up of ideas:

Activity Village Diwali for Kids guide has a number of activities for the celebration from coloring pages, printables, and crafts there are many ideas here to help kids enjoy the special celebration together! Also, kids can make cards together for a card exchange which is another big part of the traditional fun. Have markers, glue sticks and crayons available and a heavy card stock so that the kids can make Diwali cards for their friends and family.

Have the kids make decorations that reflect the season. In particular, an easy craft for the little kids is to make are paper chains in an array of different colors. Have the kids hang them as decorations throughout the home. The kids will enjoy eating all of the delights of the season.

You may want to have the kids have a “taste test” of all of the different sweets. Serve a variety of sweets and let the kids guess which ones they are eating and which one tastes best! If you can find them, crackers will fun to crack open with one another. The kids can take their little toys, games, and riddles home with them as well! Peace and Prosperity to all!

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  1. Paper Lanterns
    Required: Card paper, glue or stapler, scissors, and colring or decorative material.

    For Diwali, kids can make lovely lanterns, take a piece of paper and fold in half… Draw lines upto the middle of the paper from the folded side. Cut the lines upto the middle. Open the paper and join the other ends to make a lantern with glue or staple it. Draw and decorate on both sides of the lantern. Take a small strip of paper and attach it to the top to make a handle..

    Rangoli Decoration:

    Another activity to do during Diwali is to make Rangoli as the traditional way is a bit too cumbersome for kids, I usually make square outlines on the paved path in our house and then let them get creative with crayons. Any design or more specific patterns for th eolder kids.

    Ritu Puri said on October 23, 2008

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