DragonBall Z party Dragonball Evolution is the latest movie in the series to open at theaters across the country. Goku, the warrior, is on an adventure to collect seven magical orbs that will grant him unlimited power. As you know, this is an extremely popular anime series and for grade school kids and is a fantastical theme for a birthday party. Looking for ideas to make this party come to life? Read on.

Note: This is a great party theme to host at a gym or karate studio where the kids can have room to be active. If you are hosting it at a karate studio, they may offer a package that includes an instructor teaching the kids some karate moves and leading them in active games. If you are at a gym, you may want to consider hiring an instructor to lead group activities.

Dragonball Z Party:

Use long black pieces of cloth to create a karate belt invitation. Write your party details on the belt with a white fabric pen. Either hand-deliver or mail the invitations to your guests, and ask them to wear their belts to the party for thematic fun.


If you are hosting the party at your home, create your own karate studio on a back patio or in the basement or garage. Set it up for training. Purchase blue and orange balloons, streamers, and tableware. Create karate belts with different colors of fabric and hang them in the front entrance to your party for the kids to walk through.

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When the kids arrive, provide them with wristbands and white strips of cloth that they can tie around their heads for headbands. Place fabric markers on a table for the kids to use to decorate their headbands while they wait for everyone to arrive.

In addition to the karate activities that the kids will do with the instructor, have the kids play a few games:

Divide the guests into two teams and have a karate belt relay. To complete the race, each child must run to the opposite end of the party area; pick up a colored belt, put it on, and do a karate move that corresponds with the color; take it off; and run back to his or her team. The first team to have all players complete the relay wins. (Have a party helper show the kids the moves they must do when they choose their belt color.)

Provide the kids with foam stars and see who can get the most stars through an orange hula hoop in the shortest period of time.

Play Pin the Belt on Goku, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Have a Dragonball relay race. Have all of the kids cover their eyes with their headbands, and hide two Dragonballs (orange foam balls). Once you have hidden them, have the first two players race to find the balls, return to their teams, and tag the next players. The next players must run, replace the Dragonballs in different spots, race back, and tag the next player, who must find the Dragonball. The first team done wins.

This is one of the original anime programs, and the kids may enjoy watching the show or playing online games together during the party.

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt to find their own seven magical orbs. See who can find the most in the shortest period of time.

Party Menu:
Serve the kids any type of food that they love, or serve finger foods that look like sushi. As an example, make wrap-type sandwiches using cold cuts and tortillas. Cut the wraps in 2-inch pieces, and lay the pieces flat to resemble sushi.

Create a ball cake, but use blue frosting to ice the cake, and orange frosting for the ball. (Add food coloring to vanilla frosting to make it colorful.) From there, place Dragonball figurines on the cake for additional decorations.

Party Favor:
Purchase plain Chinese boxes (like take-out holders), paint them orange and blue, and fill them with small plastic anime characters, ninja characters, and stars. The kids can also take their headbands and wristbands home.

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