Eric Carle’s books are so fabulous! Where would any of us be without The Very Hungry Caterpillar to kick off our excursion into the wonderful world of books, words, and colors? If your kid loves the book and you want to make a party theme out of it, check out the official website for some ideas.

There are several additional activities that would go along well with this theme, especially if your party is indoors. These activities are best for kids around the age of 1.

Have Eric Carle’s books out for them to look over. You could also read to them. Most 1-year-olds will simply enjoy looking around and being together. If you have a big inflatable pool, blow it up and put a lot of primary-colored balls inside. The kids will enjoy playing with these. Send soft toys, especially bath ones, as a memorable party favor as well. Given Eric Carle’s fabulous use of colors, decorate with primary-colored balloons, streamers, and tableware.

You may want to look for a caterpillar Mylar balloon for the special birthday kid’s seat! You could also make a large caterpillar and/or other characters from Eric Carle’s books out of colored cardboard. Use these to decorate the party room. For a cake, how about caterpillar cupcakes?

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