Amount of Time: 10 to 20 hours
Budget: $100 to $500
Number of Guests: Up to ten, with helpers of course.
Age of Children: 1 to 7 years old
Indoors/Outdoors: Either would be fine.

Special Notes: A fairy party is a wonderful, fanciful party mainly for little girls. Boys can be invited, but girls will most likely want this theme. This is also a versatile theme, one that allows you to have your party at your home, or at an outside venue if you prefer. There are lots of activities listed below you can choose from. Some are particular to being indoors or outdoors, but they certainly are here to provide you with a plethora of ideas for your fairy birthday party. Enjoy.  Oh, and if this is not quite what you are looking for, never fear!  Check out our Big List of Birthday Party Ideas for more great party plans, or our Top 5 Girls Party Ideas.

Fairy Party Invitations:

Dress your daughter up as a fairy and snap her picture. Use this as the front of the birthday invitation. Inside, provide all of the party details.

Cut out cardstock in a fairy theme, such as a magical wand, tiara, or fairy wings, and use the colors chosen for the party. Write the party details inside.

Inside the envelopes, include fairy confetti or dust for the guests to enjoy when they open their invitations.

Ask your guests to come dressed as fairies.

For the thank you notes, write, “Thank you fairy much!”

Fairy Decorations:

Use light-colored balloons and streamers to decorate the party area. Ask your birthday kid what her favorite fairy colors are, and use those as the color scheme.  By the way, partyware and decorations can be had conveniently (order online and delivered to your door) from Celebrate Express, which I love.  No overspending at the local party store!

Have signs made up as the guests enter, saying, “Welcome to Fairy Land.”

Create a magical forest for your guests to enter through by hanging lots of green streamers in your front entrance. You can also hang plastic animals or bugs to give it a further authentic feel, such as butterflies.

Put up twinkle lights at the front entrance of the party.

Play the music of “Swan Lake” in the background.

Use a bubble machine and have it spew forth bubbles at the party entrance.

For the party table, you can buy fairy party goods, or simply match the tableware to the primary colors you have chosen for your balloons and streamers. You could use a white paper tablecloth, and have the guests draw their own fairies at their seats during the party feast as well. Tie a balloon to each of the chairs for added festiveness. Sprinkle fairy dust, glitter, and confetti all over the table for an added decoration.

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  3. My daughter had a wonderful 5th birthday party at Fairies and Dragons! All the girls had a ball and looked so cute. My 7 and 5 year old always enjoy the princess dinners there as well. I would definitely recommend it.

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