Fantastic Mr FoxDid you love Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox book as a child?  I loved this book, especially his craftiness in getting dinner for his family!  It’s a timeless classic that is now being released as a movie on November 25, 2009.  What a great Thanksgiving movie outing with your children and their friends.

If you want to carry Fantastic Mr. Fox fun to a party theme, what a great idea!  Even if you are just looking to keep your kids busy during the holiday weekend and their cousins and friends too, Mr. Fox certainly can inspire some crafty ideas.

Check out these Fantastic Activities:

  • Put on the Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack (available November 3) and dance a fantastic dance!
  • With all of the pies around this time of year, hold a pie eating contest and see who can mimic Mr. Fox. (Be prepared for a bit of a mess!)
  • Make Bandit hats with craft supplies and heavy card stock.  Send the kids on a Fantastic Hunt for all sorts of nature items, i.e. an acorn, a leaf, rocks, twigs, etc.
  • Have a blueberry eating contest and/or use dried blueberries to create an edible bracelet.
  • The whistle with a clicking sound is Mr. Fox’s trademark.  See who can do it too … or have the kids create their own trademark sound.
  • It’s all about being fantastic.  Who can say it the most in a given time frame?  Make sure to keep count!
  • Hold a Fantastic game of tag.  Dub someone as Mr. Fox and play tag as usual.
  • Are your kids crafty?  Have them sketch some pictures with colorful pencils of Mr. Fox and his tree.  Hang as a mural on a wall.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox is full of fun activities to do with the kids this holiday season.  Of course, the movie outing will be loads of fun too!

Have a fantastic time!

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