There is something so special in fathers and daughters sharing special time together. If you are looking for ideas as to how to host something special for Dads and their daughters, here are some ideas:

Father-Daughter Dance

A traditional dance at a hall is always a lot ot fun. The daughters will get dressed up and so will the Dads. Have them purchase a little corsage for the daughters to wear during the dance. Make sure to take plenty of pictures. The dance could take place in a community, church or school hall. Have all types of music playing and they can dance all night long. You may want to throw in some silly songs as well, like the Limbo, the Electric Slide, etc. These will prove a lot of fun too. Serve up punch and sweet treats for the guests to munch on, and enjoy!

Father-Daughter Tea Party

A special occasion would be to host a tea party for the girls and invite their Dads along too. This can be another “dressy” occasion where everyone dresses for afternoon tea. The party will revolve around pouring tea, sipping tea, telling stories, and sharing quality time with their Dads.

Father-Daughter Game Night

Who doesn’t enjoy Chutes and Ladders? Bingo? Pictionary? Scattegories? Trivia Pursuit? It doesn’t matter the age, there are games to match! From cards to board games, invite the Dads and Daughters to an evening of gaming fun. Pick the appropriate age of games to play and “go for it!” Sodas, snacks and sweet treats will keep the fun rolling along the dice!

Really, just about any party can be done with Fathers and Daughters. A hiking party, a camp out, a sledding outing, a game of bowling, and on & on. You can basically take the interests of your daughter and include the Dads to come up with an innovative fun party special to both!

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  1. Hi,

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    Kristi Dixon

    Kristi Dixon said on March 12, 2010

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