Here’s an easy and quick party plan you can put together which will be lots of fun for the pre-teen and teen set. Have a funny, silly dinner party. Invite a group of kids that will fit around your dining table ~ to keep the number manageable ~ and spoof a traditional dinner party in some of the following ways:

  • Set up a menu that has “mock” names for real foods. Of course, the kids won’t know exactly what will be served to them until after they order. Make up 2-3 choices for an appetizer, a main dish, and dessert. Take the kids orders and serve up the surprise dishes! As examples:
    • Shark’s Teeth: Potato Chips
    • Eyeballs: Deviled Eggs
    • Seaweed: Greens
    • Blood and Guts: Spaghetti with Meatballs
    • Road Sliders: Small hamburgers
    • Boats: Banana Splits
    • Rainbows: Jell-O Parfait
    • Mud: Chocolate Pudding
  • Enjoy a dinner party ~ without the utensils! Kids will have to eat their food getting messy.
  • Serve the guests at your dinner party backwards, i.e enjoy dessert, the main dish, and then the appetizer…or simply mix up how the dishes are served.
  • Serve dinner in the dark. Actually, there is a hot spot restaurant, Opaque, in LA, that is doing exactly that and charging lots of money for the meals. Bring the same hip fun to your party. (Make sure to take precautions to protect your furniture and rugs if necessary.)

By simply throwing a dinner party for your kid, can be loads of fun that will be simple to put together, easy on the budget, and unique!

Happy Dining!

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