duke-gi-joeG.I. Joe The Rise of the Cobra is another great toy-turned-movie story.  Do your kids love to play with G.I. Joe action figurines?  If school- aged children love the toys, the movie would make for a fun summer outing with some friends.  G.I. Joe would also make a great character to build a party theme around, especially if you set up an Army Training Camp with the birthday boy playing G.I. Joe and the party guests are his team members.

For your party invitation, purchase small clip compasses and using camouflage card stock, write your party details directly on the card.  Hole punch the card at the top right hand corner of your invitation and attach to the compass.  Hand-deliver your party invitations and request that your guests bring their compass to the party with them.

Choose traditional army colors for your party decorations: brown, green, and tan are excellent choices for balloons, streamers, and table ware.  Also, Celebrate Express has a G.I. Joe pattern just in time for this summer’s high demand.

Create a table centerpiece using your child’s G.I. Joe action figures.

Recruit an adult helper to play the Captain of the G.I. Joe Army and to lead the cadets.

When the guests arrive have them check in to the Army Training Camp provide G.I. Joe gear for the kids to prepare for their army training.  Give them dog tags, temporary tattoos, camouflage face paint, a head bandanna, and any other items to get them into the party theme.  Also, you may want to give them an Army nickname to use during the party too.  They can create a special badge to wear during the party with their names so everyone remembers.

Set up an obstacle course for G.I. Joe training: have them climb through tires, balance themselves on a beam, crawl on the ground from one area to another, swing on a rope. do exercises, etc.

Blow up green balloons and fill with water, call these Grenades.  Have the kids toss their water balloons back and forth without breaking them as an additional challenge.  Later on, create a minefield in your yard where the kids must cross without being hit by a water balloon that the kids are throwing at one another.  Whoever isn’t hit, wins the game!

Provide the kids with model airplanes and/or helicopter kits for the kids to make together and then have a series of flying contests with their aircraft.

Play Wrap the Soldier!  Divide the kids into two teams and designate one person on each team to be a soldier who is wrapped up by the other team members.  See which team wraps their soldier fastest!

Hold a scavenger hunt for the kids to find as many small G.I. Joe figurines that you have hidden around the party area.

Either at the end of the activities or after each individual activity, award the kids badges and medals as the Army would as they complete their tasks.  If you hold this at the end of all of the activities, have an official badge ceremony where everyone receives a Badge of Honor.

For the party menu, go to an Army store and purchase food packs that are served in the military.  Small packs of preserved foods placed into camouflage lunch packs would be a thematic way to serve up the grub!

For the party cake, bake a sheet cake and top with Oreo cookie crumbs that look like dirt terrain and filled with G.I. Joe figurines and tanks.

Send the recruits home with their dog tags, as well as green camoflauge bandannas full of little items; compass, notepad, whistle, gum, etc.  Alternatively, provide camoflouge water bottles with green and brown M&M candies.  Use a paint pen to write the kids’ names on each one.

A great place for G.I. Joe supplies, or gift ideas if you have a G.I. Joe fan at home, is Amazon.

A G.I. Joe party theme will be a great training camp party for your child and his friends.  After all, they are in the army now!  Have fun!

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