Goody Bag IdeasIf you are putting together a goody bag for your next party and you want to do something a bit different to bubbles and raisins, here are a few ideas:

1. A popular and inexpensive idea is to burn a CD for the guests with all of your kid’s favorite songs. Add a personalized CD cover and this is an easy goody that the kids will enjoy listening to.

2. Hand out certificates for a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cone. Kids will love this and so will the parents.

3. Soap, either a pretty one for girls and pump style for boys, with an inflatable wash cloth would be fun for the kids to use.

4. Give away a customized T-shirt Decal for the kids to put on a T-shirt.

5. If you are making a craft(s) at the party, and giving out stuff as the party goes on, these items can be considered the goody items the kids take home with them as well. Just prepare a bag or a holder for the kids to take their loot home in.

6. A coloring book and a small box of fresh crayons tied to the theme would be good fun. Kids will enjoy the activity.

7. If you want a birthday treat, make over-sized sugar cookies in a favorite character, shape, or animal of your child’s. Frost and decorate it. Place the cookie in cellophane bags and tie with a satin ribbon. The kids will enjoy eating those!

8. A video rental gift card to a large candy bar and tie with a ribbon would be nicely presented and a treat.

9. Think about your theme and provide one or two things that go along with the fun. As an example, at a Spa Diva party, give some body glitter and a lip gloss to the girls. They will love and use these items!

One comment I often hear from parents is that the goody bags their kids receive are filled with “junk” that the kids just throw away. If this is the case, even the junk costs money. So, many parents, both on the giving and receiving end, prefer to give away either something edible, something usable, or one nice thing that the kids will enjoy. So, that is a good rule of thumb when thinking about the goody bag…make it something that isn’t going to be tossed in the bin right after the party!

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  1. forest theme. outdoors

    miriam said on April 15, 2009
  2. Great ideas! I love the idea of the soap or candy ba. Everything on this list is practical and something that the kids will actually use!

    Ashlee said on July 6, 2010

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