Although my birthday falls in the middle of summer, I always felt bad for my friends born around the big holiday season. We all know these are the kids who generally have to either have a holiday birthday party, or just sort of get “overlooked” with all of the holiday shuffle. Their birthday gifts mingle with the Christmas ones, and there really is no unique birthday celebration.

Recently, a friend related to me that her mother always insisted on having her December birthday party be the annual Christmas party. She longed for a summer birthday party, and even ended up donning a sundress one year for the annual birthday/Christmas party. Her mother was completely appalled, but it says something about those kids having parties in December. They would really like to have their own celebration that is detached from the holiday business. Even if it isn’t possible each and every year…it is good to shake things up a bit and throw a unique party in December. As much as the birthday kid will appreciate it, the guests will enjoy as well.

What are some themes you could try:

  1. Have a faux summer beach party ~ indoors of course. Have the kids bring a summer change of clothes to change into when they arrive. The guests will find the mixed-up seasons loads of fun.
  2. Throw an Around the World party, and focus on those countries in the southern hemisphere that are actually in the middle of their summer. It will be a great party, and educational too!
  3. Think about your kid’s interests and do a party completely around a favorite character, book, or hobby. Something not at all related to the holidays. As an example, your kid might love to bowl. Enjoy a bowling outing. This has nothing to do with the holidays and will be an excellent party theme.

Although the holidays are always so stressful and busy…planning ahead of time for a birthday party completely unrelated to a holiday theme will be quite manageable, especially if you take it to an outside party venue. You may not be able to do it every year, but the one or two times you throw such a unique party at the height of the holiday party season will be greatly appreciated!

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