The High School Musical phenomenon has swept the country … With this sort of mania, your kids may definitely be looking for a High School Musical Party, especially if they are 8 years old or in their tweens. Looking for ideas?

Here are some good resources to check out:

Disney’s official site has some targeted ideas to pull a party together!

The Ledger ran an article recently discussing party ideas.

Here are some more quick ideas to pull the party together:

High School Musical Party

Invitation: Send out your party details either in the shape of a theater ticket, or as a VIP Pass into the party. Make sure to use theatrical lingo and to request that the guests bring their tickets or VIP passes to get into the main stage fun. Host parents can provide plastic VIP pass holders to the guests so they can wear their passes around their necks and keep it authentic.


Roll out a red carpet for your guests to arrive on at the party. Gold, silver, and black balloons lining the red carpet would be a sparkly addition to the party entrance.

Hang musical posters and Wildcat pennants around the party room.

Put together a mock stage area where the kids can go once they pass through the red carpet. Hang a large sheet or piece of fabric on the wall and run twinkle lights around it to make it sparkle. Gold and silver stars hanging from the ceiling would also add additional sparkle.

On the stage, take a picture of each guest and ask them to do a star performance.


Set up an area where guests can get ready for their performance. Have some helpers on hand to provide makeovers or help the kids choreograph dance routines.

The main activity of the party will be performing either as a whole group, or as a competition of smaller groups. If you want different groups to perform, break down the large group into teams of three or four kids to work together to perform a musical act.

If you have the kids come to the party dressed as their favorite High School Musical character, then they could act that character out or say who their favorite musical character is, and do a little performance from there.

Karaoke would be loads of fun. An easy way to bring karaoke to the party is via your Wii video game console. Check out the game, High School Musical: Sing It. It is basically a Karaoke video game. Players are scored on hitting the right notes and timing, among other things. It allows for solos and duets, and players can even challenge others to a “sing off.” Tweens and others at the party will not be able to put this down!

And if that sounds interesting, check out the Wii Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year dance game.  Same concept, but players dance their way through the High School Musical moves.

If there are some kids who do not want to perform, perhaps they would like to help do makeovers, work the lights during the performance, or be an audience member.  Have several non-performing roles available for guests who may not be interested.


Serve popcorn, nachos, large pretzels, hot dogs, mini-pizzas with an array of toppings, candy bars, soda.  Just think of all of those great food items at your favorite concession and these should match the theme perfectly.


Make sure to take lots of pictures with an instant film camera of all of the guests with the birthday kid VIP.  Frame these pictures during the party using inexpensive plastic frames for the guests to take home.  Make sure to capture the autographs on the pictures as well.

Enjoy Musical Mania!

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  1. [...] High School Musical 3 is out on DVD February 17th, and it’s senior year! The gang is preparing for college and the separations that come along with going to different schools. It’s a time for the High School Musical cast to come together and think back on their experiences and memories, and also prepare for the next exciting new challenges that will face them in college. The film’s release marks another perfect opportunity to throw a High School Musical party. [...]

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