At one point or another, every little girl dreams of being a Hollywood Starlet! In case this is the theme your child chooses for her next birthday party, here are some resources that may be very helpful to you. Please note: this is an excellent theme for children age 10 to 13.

Martha Stewart’s Movie Star Birthday Party has many great ideas for this theme, especially ones that can be done indoors and within a reasonable budget. I like the little notebooks and pens as a party goody item, giving everyone the opportunity to collect each other’s autographs.

Make sure to check out the Walk of Fame Cake, too!

Here are some party ideas:

Create an Oscar invitation in the shape of the golden statue, and write all the party details inside. Or, copy a movie ticket and write “Admit One” on it.

Roll out a red carpet for your guests to arrive on at the party. Balloons lining the red carpet would also be a glamorous addition to the party entrance. You could make handprints of celebrities as a walk of fame on the red carpet as well.

Invite the guests to dress up as Hollywood Starlets.

Hang movie posters around the party room.

Later on in the party, or as a first craft activity, have the kids make hand molds that capture their famous handprints. If using construction paper, you could have the kids add their handprints to the red carpet walk of fame as well.

Decorate the table in gold, silver, and black, and use clear plastic tableware and plastic champagne glasses for the drinks. The kids can decorate their champagne glasses with stickers and sequins to make them fancy. Scatter confetti and foil-wrapped candies on the table for additional sparkle.

Put together a mock stage area where the kids can go once they walk the red carpet. On the stage, take a picture of each guest and ask them to do a star performance. If you have the kids come to the party dressed as their favorite star, they could act out their star, or they can say who their favorite star is and do a little performance from there. Don’t forget a movie clapboard! The stage is also a great area to play Movie Charades. Give each kid a title to a fun film, and have the rest of the guests try to guess what it is.

Conduct interviews of the stars during the party.

Provide each kid with an Oscar award after they are done with their performance. You could also hand out awards for “Best Actor” or “Best Actress.”

Create frames for their stage pictures. Have the kids decorate clear plastic frames with markers and star stickers. Add the photo for a great memento.

For the party menu, serve popcorn (popcorn tubs would make this especially festive!), nachos, little appetizers with toothpicks, mini pizzas, and fruit skewers dipped in chocolate. Enjoy pretty pink lemonades or Shirley Temples with little umbrellas to jazz them up.

A popcorn bar would be especially fun at this party! Put out different seasonings, such as salt, pepper, Old Bay seasoning, ranch dressing powder, and different toppings, such as chocolate chips, gummy bears, coconut, M&Ms, or whatever you like. Have the kids make up their own popcorn to place in fun popcorn bags.

Goodie bags for this party can include glamour makeup, candy jewelry, sunglasses, mini-cameras, Ring Pops, microwave popcorn, a little notebook and pencil for autographs, etc. Place these goodies into a wooden purse you have spray-painted gold and decorated with Whimsy Fringe! has a great Sunglasses Cake that works well for the theme, too.

There are many different ways to approach a Hollywood Starlet party. Whether it is inviting the guests to enjoy a movie night, walk the red carpet, or dress up and act like their favorite stars, kids will love to make their stardom fantasies come true at this super-themed party!

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