shutterstock_19883257Yes, Diwali is coming soon, and you may want your kids to make an invitation to your celebration, send cards to close family and friends, or make cards as an activity at the party. In any of these cases, here is an idea for Diwali cards:

Cut squares of colorful construction paper into very small pieces; then store each color in a separate section of an egg carton. Next, fold a 9×12 sheet of black construction paper in half. On the front of the card, use a pencil to sketch a simple Diwali picture; then “color” the sketch by gluing the construction-paper pieces, mosaic-style, on the card. Glue sticks work best for this step. Position the pieces so that small amounts of black can be seen between them, resulting in a stained glass look. Finally, glue a white piece of paper inside the card; use a fine-tipped marker to write a Diwali message such as, “Peace and Prosperity to You and Yours!”

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