Hot Wheels Kids Party Does your child love to play with Hot Wheels cars? These classic toys are super popular and would make an excellent birthday party theme!

For the Race Car Invitations:

For a fun invitation, make your own party card-sized checked flags. Use white card stock and black strips of paper, and add a stick to one end to make the flag look authentic. Write all of the party details in race language (such as, “Race on over to my party!”) on the back of the flag.

For the Hot Wheels Decorations:

Check out Celebrate Express for Hot Wheels Tableware.

As an alternative to using thematic partyware, use solid red, blue and yellow supplies, and accent them with thematic cups or a tablecloth. A mix-and-match approach is budget-friendly and looks great.

Additonally, racing and solid-colored balloons would make the party area festive. A race car balloon would be a lot of fun to attach to the birthday child’s chair.

Use red and yellow crepe paper to create a start and finish line. When kids enter the party, have them cross a red start line. When you send the kids home, set up a yellow finish line for them to cross as they depart.

Set orange cones around the party area to create a race course.

This finish line banner is perfect (and generous, you get 120 FEET to play with!)

race car birthday party supplies

If you are holding the birthday party outdoors and you have large tires available, place them on the ground and cover them with a white tablecloth—you can use them for the party table!

For the Hot Wheels Activities:

Use a car cookie cutter to make some Hot Wheel sugar cookies. At the party, let the kids frost them with black icing and decorate them with candies. They can eat their cookies at the party, or you can place the cookies into cellophane bags to take home as a goody bag alternative.

For a hot wheels craft, purchase plain white T-shirts and fabric markers, and let the kids create their own Hot Wheel designs. This is a great goody item for the kids to take home. They can also wear the shirts at the party. When each child’s parents RSVP, make sure to ask what size T-shirt the child wears.

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