Iron Man Kids Party IdeasAs with many super hero comic book characters that take to the screen, you may find your kids asking for an Iron Man party soon enough.

Celebrate Express has all of the party supplies for your Iron Man Party this season.

iron man party supplies

Tony Stark is Iron Man who creates a powerful iron suit full of technological advances to combat crime and do good.  When the kids arrive to your party, invite them to make an iron mask and armor using cardboard and tin foil for them to wear through the activities of the party.  The kids can put on iron man temporary tattoos for added fun!

Once the kids have their masks and armor on,organize a series of relay races around Iron Man Stunts.  Iron Man flies through the air with speed.  Have a relay race where the kids must race from one end of the yard to the other and back as fast as they can.

Hide an item that you have designated as dangerous and time the kids to find it as quickly as possible to secure the scene.  First kid to find the item, wins!

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  1. [...] Iron Man was a movie blockbuster sensation over the summer, a popular party theme, and now your child may want to be Iron Man himself this season! Celebrate Express has a very cool Iron Man Light Up costume this season that comes with a flashing chest light (batteries are included) that would make this Iron Man propel to rocket speed as he tricks or treats around your neighborhood. [...]

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