Art Party for KidsAmount of Time: 5 to 15 Hours
Budget: $100 – $450
Amount of People: Up to 10 guests
Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors

Special Notes: This is a particularly good kids party idea for children aged 7 to 11 years old. If your child loves art, then invitng her friends to an kids art party filled with arts and crafts will be a lot of fun, and may also be a bit different from other parties as well. This can be done with younger children as well, just make sure to make the arts age appropriate.

This party will also fit a range of budgets. You could set up a table, put out group art supplies and give them different arts and crafts to make with the supplies. The menu can just be simple snacks in bright colors, and a paint set and brush will do for the goody.

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If you would like to spend more, you can purchase individual easels, and have the kids decorate at their own stations, etc.

Art Party Invitations:

Have the birthday child draw and/or color a pretty picture for the art party invitation. Draw a border around the picture for the front of the invitation. Inside, provide all of the information.

Art Party Decorations:

If you have any artwork in your home that you could place on easels, this would give the feel of an art party room.

Fill the party room with your child’s artwork over the past year, including drawings, painting, little play dough sculptures, etc.

Have the birthday child choose his favorite colors and decorate the room with helium balloons tied to paint cans.

Hang a sign on the entrance of the doorway that says “Art Show” or “Art House” Upon each guest arriving, you could have them add to the sign with some of their own artwork and then you could hang it up in the party room.

When the guests arrive, provide each child with their own art smock. You could also have their names on each of the smocks. They could take their art smocks home as part of their goodies.

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