Kipper the Dog (official site) is a darling cartoon for the pre-school set. Kipper and his friends, including Piggy, Tiger, Arnold, and Zebra, have a lot of little fans. If this is the case in your home, a Kipper the Dog party may be a great theme for the next party.

Although there is not much thematic “stuff” out there for these characters, certainly you can use the very soft pastel colors that make up the characters on the show. Purchase pastel colors of balloons, streamers, and tableware. Sticking with a solid color will also save you money. Also, you could decorate the party walls with pigs, Scotty dogs, Zebras, and, of course, Kipper. Play jazz music at your party, just like the show.

Find inspiration for the activities you can organize at your party, by remembering some of Kipper’s adventures:

  1. Have the kids search the party area for buried treasure, use gold coins for the kids to find.
  2. Just as Kipper’s friends have clay time, have the kids make creative creations using Play Dough. Also, if you bought small ceramic pots, the kids can paint these and take home as a goody.
  3. There is an episode with Pig’s Sweater, where he wears a heavy sweater even though it is hot outside. Have the kids enjoy a relay race keeping with this same theme. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them race to the other end of the race, put on “heavy” clothes, including coats, gloves, hats, and sweaters. Have them race back and give these to the next player. The first team to have their whole team race, put on the outfit, and give it to the next player to do the same WINS!
  4. In one episode, Kipper uses a magic carpet to go to the moon where he meets some friendly aliens. Have the kids make their own magic carpets using pieces of heavy fabric or old pieces of carpet. Give them scraps of fabric and thick markers to decorate their carpets. Once they are made, have the kids close their eyes, and imagine that they are going to the moon to meet some friendly aliens. When they land on the moon, have the kids get up and meet one another as aliens. They can talk in different languages, make different hand signs, etc.
  5. Kipper rescues a kitten from a tree. Have the kids play “Hot Kitty” as you would Hot Potato.
  6. Arnold has his bugs in a box. Play “Pin the Bug On the Box.”
  7. Read the Book Kipper’s Birthday to the kids.
  8. Tiger loves to play practical jokes on his friends. Play a version of “Tiger Says” similar to “Simon Says,” but have Tiger say fun things for the kids to do, and then something outlandish and the kids can determine if Tiger is playing a joke on them or not. As an example, “Tiger says raise your right arm.” (That’s fine.) Then, “Tiger says find your mismatched sock!” The kids will see that their socks match and may be tricked by Tiger – or not!
  9. Pig loves chocolate, and you could have the kids finger paint with chocolate for a yummy artistic treat!

Have a picnic with the kids ~ even if you must stay indoors ~ Kipper loves to have a picnic with his friends. Cut out sandwiches into Scotty, Doggie, Pig, and Zebra shapes, provide small veggie packs, snack cookies, and fruit roll ups, as well as juice boxes. Spread a blanket on the floor or on the grass, and have the kids enjoy their picnic just like Kipper!

Pig’s favorite food is chocolate cake with extra chocolate. This sounds like the perfect cake to serve at the party. Also, check out these other Kipper cakes for ideas.

Send the kids home with their clay creations, as well as soft toys in the shapes of Kipper and his friends, and their buried treasure findings (i.e. gold coins.)

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  1. I’ll do the picnic idea with sandwiches in shape of kipper, tiger, pig….

    there are some very good ideas for a Kipper Party and some ideas that I would rather not clean up after (chocolate finger painting!) ekkk

    read through this and see what you think..


    Heather said on April 12, 2012

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