Lady Gaga Party IdeasLady Gaga and her House of Gaga are an absolute phenomenon, not only within the music industry, but fashion and beyond.  Tweens and teens love the music, the audacious look she carries, and her attitude.  Wherever you look or listen these days, Lady Gaga is there.  Makes sense that a fantastical tween and/or teen party would be Lady Gaga-esque.  Looking for ideas to bring her pizzazz to your party, be inspired by the Lady Gaga party ideas here.

Lady Gaga Kids Party Ideas

1. Send a Lady Gaga Neon Invitation Frame.  Purchase inexpensive wooden frames and paint them in bright neon colors.  Using eccentric handwriting, write all of your Gaga party details on alternating colors of paper that match the frame.  Place the invitation into the frame and either hand-deliver or send in padded envelopes.

Party Tip: Ask your guests to dress in their own House of Gaga fashion and be prepared to style their hair too! The guests should keep their frame for pictures you take at the party.

2. Mix up your party decor with bright, neon colors for balloons, streamers, and more to place around the party room.

3. To change up your decor in Gaga fashion, create a goth party table where you will serve your party menu with black and other dark colors.  Even using Halloween decorations on the party table makes sense.

4. For your Lady Gaga party menu, serve all types of foods that are wrapped, skewered, and stuffed.  Any of your favorites will do, including:

  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Stuffed celery
  • Stuffed ravioli
  • Lettuce wraps
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Shish kebabs
  • Veggie kebabs

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  1. Print out pictures of lady gaga and autograph them as her and hand them out!! =D

    Ringo Star said on November 22, 2010

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