Little Red Riding Hood PartyIs one of your favorite childhood tales Little Red Riding Hood?  I know I loved it, and if your child does too this would make a unique and fun party theme not only for girls (the little Red Riding Hoods), but also for boys (the wolves!)  So, if this story is a favorite of yours find ideas for this party here:

For your party invitation, you can purchase small baskets, just like the one that Little Red Riding Hood used to deliver goodies to her Grandma, and place a note card with the party details on it.  Request that the children bring their baskets with them to gain entrance to the party.  Alternatively, if you are looking to mail your invitations, cut out red felt into small note card size, and glue heavy card stock onto the red felt and write all of the party details on to the paper and mail.

For your party decorations, create a forest in your home using brown and green crepe paper, brown and green balloons, large tree cutouts, etc.  Create a forest affect for the ground by laying a sea of green balloons on the floor that the children will walk through.  Little Red Riding Hood loved walking to her Grandma’s house and found the forest friendly, adding some plants and flowers will add to the feel of the place.  Create a wolf shadow on one of the walls as well.

Use burlap for the party tablecloth and place a basket of goodies in the middle of the table as a centerpiece.

For your party activities:

When the children arrive, have the little girls create Little Red Riding Hood capes out of large red felt.  Have these pre-cut and the kids can decorate them with fabric markers, sequins, glitter glue, etc.  Tie the capes around the children after they have completed their decorations.  These would make a great party favor. If boys are attending, have them decorate a wolf mask that they also wear during the party.

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