For Tweens and even younger kids, there may be nothing like a Mad Scientist Party! It will be fun, hold their attention, and even could be educational. If your kid is interested in the wacky side of science, seriously you should consider this theme!

Age Group: 7 to 12 years old

Budget: $150-$500

Time: 10-25 Hours


Using large size test tubes with a rubber stopper, print all of the party details on a small piece of paper that can be rolled into the test tube. On the outside of the tube, write in permanent marker, “Inside contains the Mad Scientist Secret Formula for Party Fun!” These will have to be hand-delivered.


At the entrance to the party, make a sign welcoming them to Dr. X’s Mad Lab!

In the party room, make it look like a high tech lab using the colors of silver and black.

Using black construction paper, cut out question marks, mathematical formulas, etc. and place all over the party room.

Have green slime on the tables and around the room.

Fill different sizes of jars with food colored water. Inside, place plastic eyeballs, hands, noses, plastic animals, etc.

At the tables where the Mad Scientist experiments will happen, place face masks, magnifying glasses, test tubes, etc. to make the area look authentic.

When the kids arrive, provide them with white coats, and have them create a name tag. Don’t just have them use their own names, but make up a mad scientist name, i.e. “Dr. Insanity.”

Activities: You can either have the kids do the activities together, or rotate throughout the party room to different lab stations to complete the different mad science activities

Make Green Ooze! 3/4 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup water. Mix together. Add green food coloring to look like Slime

Static Electricity (balloons, aluminum soda can) Blow up balloons and rub them in the kids’ hair to make it rise. Set soda can on a hard surface so it can roll. Use one of the rubbed balloons and move it closer to the can. Does it move the can? Will the rubbed balloon stick to a wall?

A Shocker Need one per child: 1 penny, 1 lemon, 1 paper clip
Cut slit 1/4 inch in to the lemon to fit the penny, then another for the paperclip, close to but not touching the penny. Let the kids touch their tongues to each of the metals.

Falling Coin: 1 glass, 1 index card, 1 coin. Place card over glass evenly. Place coin in center. Flick the card end with your finger to send it flying. What happens to the coin?

Suck an Egg into a Jar: 1 hard boiled egg, peeled and at room temperature
1 narrow top jar (baby food jars are good), HOT water. The egg will not fit into the jar on it’s own. Fill the jar with the hot water for 2-3 minutes. Pour this out and set the egg on the opening. The egg will end up inside the jar.

Osmotic Celery: Cut celery stalks and set them in glasses of tinted water. The stalks will absorb the color and then the kids can eat them!


Volcano Eruption: Make a volcano from a soda can, set on a tin pan, and form papier-mâché around it. Leave the hole in the top open. Dry and paint browns and greens. To make the volcano erupt, place baking soda in the can then pour in vinegar, tinted with food coloring.

Rocket launch: Fill a small plastic film canister with one teaspoon of water. Quickly add one Alka-Seltzer tablet, put the lid on, and place the canister on the floor with the lid side down. Wait about 10 seconds and then your rocket should fly into the air.


Atom Burst: Tie two balloons to each of the kids’ ankles. Have them run around trying to burst the atoms. The last kid with a “live atom” wins!

Mini-Molecules: Take very close-up pictures of everyday items around your home. During the party, have the kids use their magnifying glasses to figure out what they are.

Scientist Scramble: Muddle up the names of famous scientists, and have them work them out properly.


Serve snacks in clear bowls and name them madly, i.e. electric chips, magnetic munchers, etc.

Serve electric dogs, i.e. hot dogs.

Serve green Kool-Aid. Place plastic critters and body parts into the punch for extra madness!

Goody Bags:

Send the kids home with a face mask, test tubes, green slime, goggles, magnifying glasses, magnets, etc.

Send home test tubes filled with candy like M&Ms.

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  1. where can i find the plastic test tubes for a reasonable price?

    sherri said on September 11, 2008
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