Minute to Win It Party Game IdeasHave you been watching the very popular show Minute to Win It? Fast-paced and innovative, Minute to Win it is perfect inspiration for school-aged and tween kids who want to fun ( and different) games at their next party.  Even better, the games are all made-up with stuff from around your very own home.  You could even involve your kids in planning the games for the party looking around the house for stuff that can be used and then thinking up creative games that the guests must do within a minute to win it!  You can, of course, use these games listed here as well for inspiration, but don’t stop there, think of your own!

Make sure you have prizes to hand out to the winners throughout your Minute to Win It series of games too.

Minute to Win It Party Games:

1. Bring out a stash of Oreo Cookies and see who can stack the most in a minute.

2. Hand out pairs of chopsticks and see what can be stacked using only chopsticks in a minute.

3. Toothpicks and glue.  Who can build the largest toothpick house in a minute.

4. Using twine cut down to various lengths, have them create a long twine rope in a minute.  The longer the better.  See who gets the longest piece in a minute.

5. Provide multiple lip balm containers and see who can stack them the highest in a minute.

6. Make paper chains in a minute.  Who got the most chains in a minute?

7. Taking old fabric scraps, see who can make something out of them in a minute.

8. Create your own salad dressing.  Lay out various ingredients and have the kids create their own in a minute. Have a taste test afterwards.

9. Create a bouquet in a minute.  Provide paper tissue and have the kids create paper flowers in a minute for a beautiful bouquet.

10. Finally sting candy jewelry in a minute, using round candies with a hole in the middle and licorice string.  How much jewelry can be created in a minute?

Sit around and create these various games and have fun.  Perhaps during the party the group comes up with a few more.  This is exceptionally budget friendly and fun!  Minute to Win It!

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  1. Thanks for this great party idea. I love planning kid’s parties but sometimes I run out of ideas on what to do. Last time I had all the kids Painting Clown Faces . Everyone enjoyed the experience and the party was very successful!

    cherry hill said on September 1, 2010
  2. The best way to throw family parties is by playing minute to win it games. they are safe, easy, and fun! what more can you ask for a day off with your friends and family. season finale of minute to win it is on tomorrow night so don’t miss it since there might be games you can play at your next party! http://www.nbc.com/minute-to-win-it/

    Jonnie said on September 13, 2010
  3. ALL NEW games and and ALL NEW holiday episodes of MINUTE TO WIN IT are coming!!! This Tuesday Dec. 7th @ 8p/7c!!!! CANT WAIT

    Tom Ace said on December 3, 2010
  4. Don’t miss an all new 2 hour family, special episode of Mintue to Win it! This Wed. Feb 2nd at 8/7 central!


    Brian said on January 31, 2011

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