shutterstock_7635697 Recently, I was asked about hosting a mystery dinner party—not the type where guests determine who committed a crime, but one where what is being served for dinner is an actual mystery. This is quite a fun dinner to host, and the more I learned about it, the more I thought it would make an awesome party for teens.

If you think this is great fun and think your dad would too, how about a mixed-up Father’s Day dinner? This spoofs all those traditional items and activities that relate to dads. It sounds very fun and like a great way to celebrate Father’s Day or your dad’s birthday.

Eileen D. offered these additional tips to keep in mind when planning your mixed-up dinner:

  • In regard to the menus, everything the guests order in the #1 spot they get in course 1, then the same with #2 and so on. Or we have done it where the first section they get those four items for first course and 2nd course is the second set of four things.
  • Guests may keep their silverware after they order it, but may not get it till it is ordered.
  • Eat with fingers or if lucky a toothpick.
  • If you want to be nice you can put napkins on the table instead of making them order them.
  • Also it is better if the guest don’t know what the menu is and can’t see you setting up the plates.

I would love to hear how your mixed-up dinner party goes! If you plan one, let me know.

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