I found a great Monkey Re-cap party that I thought would be interesting for a Monkeying Around party. This party was done for a 2 year old, but the menu is quite phenomenal and would go very well for an older kid’s party, and the goody bags are quite cute too! She makes and buys a bunch of unique items for the goodies as well, some of which you may be interested in for your monkey birthday party.

This Webster is a very comprehensive list of monkey party ideas from someone who has planned this theme for her daughter.

Martha Stewart’s monkey ideas are quite good beyond the cake, especially the little monkey cups and favor bags.

Some Monkey Party Ideas:

Hang green and brown streamers from your ceiling at the party’s entrance, so that when the kids enter they feel like they are entering a jungle.

Use brown raffia on the tables as skirts to provide a further jungle feel.

You can either use Palm Tree cutouts to decorate the party space or an inflatable palm tree. Put monkeys and bananas throughout the party area as an additional party decoration.

Check out these fun monkey wall decals.  Great party decoration, and use afterwards in your little one’s room.

monkey party supplies

Do balloons, streamers, and partyware in jungle-themed colors of brown and green, and perhaps yellow too for the bananas. If you want monkey-themed partyware, check out the Celebrate Express Mod Monkey party supplies.

monkey party supplies

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