Nancy Drew Party Ideas Nancy Drew is a great, and classic, mystery series, as well as movie starring Miss Emma Roberts (yes, that’s right, this is Julia Roberts’ niece!). She’s a classic in every sense of the word, and in the film, Nancy takes on solving a new mystery in her new hometown…Hollywood! She attends Hollywood High, and lives in a famous mansion, Draycott, that gets her quickly sleuthing…well, a famous actress did perish here…how can she resist solving the crime? If your kid is a fan of the Nancy Drew classic book series and had to see the film too…Nancy Drew may make the perfect party theme!

Looking for some clues to organizing one terrific Nancy drew party, sleuth your way below:

For a fun invitation, purchase small to medium-sized magnifying glasses, pens/pencils, notepads, compasses, flashlights, etc. (All those things that make up Nancy’s always important detective kit!) Attach a small card (plaid seems to be a favorite type of paper for Nancy!) and write all of the sleuthy details on it. Attach to the item you send, using a plethora of different types of detective items would be fun and send in a foam envelope. Request that your guests bring their detective item to the party to use!

Nancy is an old fashioned gal, for the decorations, line shelves with books galore, print out some Nancy Drew posters and hang, cut out large magnifying glasses and question marks and hang from the ceiling with fish netting. If you are looking for a party color scheme, Nancy is preppy…greens, pinks, yellows would all be appropriate for balloons, streamers, and table ware. A plaid tablecloth in light colors would also be appropriate. Have a centerpiece full of magnifying glasses for the guests to grab and enjoy at the party table too.

What’s a perfect party menu…enjoy a perfect picnic lunch much the way Nancy enjoys hers. Cut up an array of bright vegetables (red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, etc.) and serve with a ranch dressing, small cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches cut into dainty shapes (try a flower cookie cutter!), melon balls, and a batch of yummy, perfect cupcakes!

Of course, Hannah (Nancy’s housekeeper) always makes the most delicious treats…lemon bars, blondies, gingerbread cupcakes…well, these would all be wonderful additional treats too!

Looking for a birthday cake idea? Check out’s Question Mark Cake…they have some cute tips on how to make the cake more mysterious as well!

For Nancy Drew Party Activities:

Nancy loves to wear headbands…always neat and perfect. Provide basic headbands and different types of fabric for the guests to create their own headbands. (You will need a glue gun for this!)

Tie a string around a pencil. Have safety pins available for the guests to attach to the string. Place binder clips on the floor or inside a small plastic pool. The kids must hook their safety pin through the clips and collect as many as they can!

Place a ticking alarm clock in an area of the party, an have the kids “detect” where the sound is coming from…they must find the clock and get rid of it in a set time (3-5 minutes)

Pre-record different sounds for the kids to identify using pencils and notepads…alarm clock ringing, nail scratching, door bell ringing, dog barking, door opening, tea kettle whistling, etc.

Of course, the main activity of the party will be solving a mystery! Set it up that something has gone missing or awry…this could be a precious ornament from the home has been taken…by whom? Where are the clues? You will have to think of something precious…that has been taken. You will have to set up clues around the party area…perhaps it is an important heir-loom family album. Why would someone want to take it? Is there a family secret that needs hiding? If so, what is it…and could it lead to recovery of the object? Use your imagination to create the mystery to be solved….provide clues, gather extra helpers or family members to be interviewed by the guests to help solve the mystery. If necessary use other areas of the neighborhood to solve clues. You can make it as complicated as you like. This activity should take up a majority of the party…an hour to 90 minutes would be excellent.

A perfect Nancy Drew party goodie:

hand out little mystery detective cases, filled with a pen, notepad, compass, magnifying glass, etc… Of course, a trusty flashlight would also do the trick…or a Nancy Drew Book if inclined.

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  1. I did a pretty in-depth Nancy Drew Party for my daughter last year, and blogged about all of the details, here:

    Great party theme!

    Kendra said on January 7, 2009
  2. those are some great party ideas! thanks for you thoughts.

    Xtreme Trampolines said on December 18, 2010

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