Nascar Birthday Party IdeasSimilar to a Hot Wheels party is a Nascar Birthday Party theme – both are all about cars, racing, and speed! Boys will love this party theme, especially if they are into all of the above.  One way to celebrate with a Nascar theme is to head out to a Nascar Race in your town.  Perhaps you can coordinate this as a special birthday outing.  If not, or if you would like to celebrate with a prelude to this outing, a Nascar Birthday Party is a great ideas.

Nascar Birthday Party Invitation

Print off Nascar car printables from your computer and create an invitation using heavy card stock folded into an invitation card.  Place your Nascar printable on the front of the invitation and write your Nascar party details on the inside.

Nascar Birthday Party Decorations

It’s all about the Nascar cars and wheels for your party decor.  What is your child’s favorite Nascar?  From there, create a color scheme to match for your balloons, streamers, and table ware.  Hang tire cut outs from your ceiling at varying lengths for added decor.  Checkered flag streamers is a fun touch. Additionally, Nascar posters and pictures of Nascar cars would add to the party theme.  For your table centerpiece, place a racing car in the center.  Also, check out Amazon, as they have NASCAR party flags of some of the most popular drivers.

Celebrate Express has themed NASCAR supplies, so check it out.

nascar party supplies

Nascar Birthday Party Activities

Nascar Wooden Car Decorating. Purchase inexpensive wooden car shapes and have the kids decorate with paint and stickers.  These can be taken home as a party favor.

Using Matchbox cars or a similar toy, create your own Nascar Race for the kids to compete as teams with one another.

Play Pin The Tire on the Nascar

Hold a Nascar Hunt.  Hide various small car toys and give the kids 2 minutes to find them.

Play Red Light, Green Light

Have the kids create their own race course using train tracks, wooden blocks, or heavy card stock and have the kids race their cars through their courses.

Play a game of Nascar Trivia.

Nascar Birthday Party Menu

Use a circle cookie cutter to cut out a thematic menu, i.e. tire sandwiches, brownie tires, gelatin tire Jigglers, and sugar cookies with black icing.

Alternatively, burgers and onion rings would provide a similar shape.

What other foods would you eat at a Nascar race?  Popcorn, nachos, chips, and candy bars.  All good snacks to have on hand for your Nascar Racers.

Nascar Birthday Party Favors

In addition to the wooden Nascar craft to take home, purchase Nascar caps for the kids to take home and filled with any Nascar goodies that you can find.  NASCAR Stickers are always popular!  Alternatively, foil wrapped chocolate cars would also be a sweet treat to hand out as your guests depart.

nascar party supplies

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