Night at the Museum Party Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is about to hit the theaters this month with another great adventure which you already know is…

Where History Comes Alive! This is the (literal) theme of these Ben Stiller movies, and the first movie is “Night at the Museum.” Imagine the delight of moviegoers when they actually see the history come alive, i.e. Attila the Hun and his compatriots, the Roman soldiers, a scene from the wild West, and “Rexxy” the Dino looking for his bone!  This is going to be another great movie outing with your kids and their friends (recommended for 10 years old and up), it is a real winner. Watching the movie, you realize what a great sleepover party theme this would make!

Let’s face it, sleepovers take place at night, and if you delve into this movie packed full of history with imagination, you could easily base your next sleepover on this movie and have a party hit!

If you are looking to host a “Night @ Your Kid’s Museum” here are some ideas to get the creative ideas flowing.

And if this is not quite what you are looking for, never fear!  Check out our Big List of Birthday Party Ideas for more great kid party plans!

  • Hang a large sign welcoming the guests to the Museum along with posters of dinosaurs, wildlife, plants, etc.
  • Designate different areas of your home or the party space as different areas of your museum, i.e. the African Jungle (place pictures of animals in here, stuffed animals, and hang streamers in multiple colors of green to give the affect of a jungle scene.)

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  1. Excavation! use a large plastic tub or plastic childs pool filled sand bury small gifts in sand give them time to dig for a gift using plastic forks. dino bones( dog treats) to fed the dog latter, jewells,small toys. etc as fancy or simple as you want to make it. Animal crackers are cute for treats. String beads on cords for bracelets. Paint a small box gold and let them add beads sequins ets to make their own treasure chest. Decorate tee shirts with rubber stamps in fun things for the theme. We did T shirt in XL for sleep shirts for a party. Zebra stripes awsome cute for pictures. Just fold in small acordian pleats and use black spray paint unfold and walah! zebra stripes! did tiger also but I dyed the shirts orange first. Easy and fun

    Sharon Messenger said on August 19, 2011

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