What if this situation arises? Your kid has invited a whole bunch of kids to her party, and no one – not a single one – has RSVP’d. Now, there is often a problem with parents providing an RSVP to parties in a timely fashion…often it is very last minute that calls come in or, even worse, guests just show up and you aren’t even prepared!

These types of situations aside, what about if your kid is not that popular at school or is new to a school and doesn’t know many people, but your kid wants to invite everyone and have a big party. You have agreed and sent out all of the invitations, and, yet, no one has responded…and the few responses you have gotten are actually from parents asking you to move your date because it interferes with other parties on that same day? What to do??

I actually remember being a kid and very worried that no one would want to come to my party…it stressed me out, and I can imagine that if the situation actually happens, i.e. that no one actually does show up, how sad and disappointing this would be.

The top thing to keep in mind is this all about your kid having a wonderful day! So, if you feel that there isn’t a good chance that planning a big party for your kids’ birthday is going to lead to heartache, avoid it! Instead, offer your kid to do something really special, an outing to a favorite spot, a special lunch or dinner, a trip to the movies, a sports outing, etc. Have them pick one friend whom you know will say yes and make it a big deal! “Sell” your kid on this idea if you think this situation will arise to save the stress and heartache of no one showing.

Now, if you have just figured it out having sent the invitations, received no responses, and maybe had some calls suggesting that you should change your party date, well, it still isn’t too late. Get on the phone and ask the parents if their kids will be attending, and state how much your kid is looking forward to them being there and the cool theme you have planned. Do find out if the kids will be attending or not. If there will be a few, then keep the party and move forward…if only one kid is coming and everyone else says no, then you may want to change the plan to doing that one very special thing with your kid and the friend who wanted to attend.

No matter what, play up your kid’s special day. If you have to change from a party to a special outing, don’t make it out like it is the “second best thing!” Take these lemons and make yummy lemonade if this situation arises!!

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