Octonauts Party IdeasIf you live in the UK with a preschooler, the Octonauts may not only be a series of favorite books, but a favorite TV show too. ¬†The Octonaut underwater characters are always ready for deep sea adventures being helpful to their fellow sea mates, protecting their oceanic homes, and finding new places to discover. An Under the Sea party theme is always popular – add in these characters and it’s sure to be an Octonaut good time!

In addition to all of the ideas for an Oceanic party theme, add in a few Octonaut specific party ideas:

1. Print out Octonaut printables and have the guests color them while they wait for everyone to arrive.

2. Have everyone sing the Octonaut theme song.

3. Play Captain Barnacle Bear Says like Simon Says

4. Have the guests create their own Octopods using craft materials.

5. Set up an Octonaut Adventure for the party guests based on the episodes in the series and/or books.

6. Have the kids write a Birthday Wish to your child in Barnacle Bear’s Log – just like in the show.

7. Have the kids place pirate hats and patches on and swash buckle like Kwazii Kitten.

8. Send the kids home with a package of fun bandages – in honor of Peso Penguin.

9. Take Octonaut Party Menu inspiration from the character Tunip the Vegimal. Add green food coloring to your menu and call it kelp!

10. Finally, check out these very cool Octonaut Cake and Cupcakes featured on ohdeedoh.  Inspiration for your Octonaut sweet treats!

Photo Credit: ohdeedoh

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  1. [...] making with characters of the Octonauts. i think these guys have better ideas than me though: Octonauts Party Ideas | All About Kids Parties have fun! Claire Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread « [...]

  2. Great ideas for Octonauts party games. It’s just a shame that there aren’t a lot of Octonauts party supplies available yet, isn’t it?

    I’m sure they will come out in the next few months but I’m sure a lot of parents are waiting for them.

    I wish I had the same cakebaking skills as this mothers who’ve made these octonauts cake.

    Octonauts Fan said on June 23, 2011
  3. Octonauts party supplies are now available on http://www.FunPartySupplies.co.uk – or you can call them on 01277 224622 – hope that helps someone :)

    Klara Bell said on April 11, 2012

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