Owl Party ActivitiesIt seems that animals are always inspiring for kids’ parties – from elephants to puppies to kitty cats and more – they are often used to build a darling theme.  It seems recently that people are using owls as inspiration for a fun kids’ party.

The Party Dress showcased an amazing eye-popping Owl Party complete with unique invitations, party favors, and owl cupcakes.  Very cute and inspiring.

Some other fun Hoot’n Owl Party Activities include:

1. Play Owl Says

2. Play Pin the Beak on the Owl. Use an owl mask for the kids to use when playing this game.

3. Purchase or make your own Owl Pinata and fill with bouncy balls the kids can take home as a goody.

4. Remember the famous Owl from the Tootsie Roll pop commercials?  Hand out your own favorite lollipops and ask the kids How many licks until you get to the Tootsie Roll, 1-2-3 Crunch. Actually, see how long it takes!

5. Read some fun facts about owls, and if there is a nearby petting zoo or aviary in your community, perhaps an owl can visit your party.

6.  The Green Wife showcases a darling Owl finger puppet that the kids can play with at the party and take home as a goody.  Love this.

7. Don’t forget the Night Owl Slumber Party for older kids too.  Great ideas here.

Have an Owl-dorable good time!

Photo: The Green Wife

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  1. Make an owl cake out of cupcakes. Use candy and pretzels to make the owl come to life. Visit OwlCakes.com to get the recipe.

    Alanna Buechele said on April 20, 2012

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