So, your little 3 year old’s cowboy party has turned into the summer’s family reunion as well! It happens. If you need some hearty snacks that are good for the adults here are some simple suggestions:

  • Mini-Sandwiches, can be filled with cream cheese and strawberry jam. The kids and adults will love these.
  • Fruit Bowl. Buy a watermelon and scoop out the fruit in balls. Fill the empyt watermelon shell with little balls of melon and berries. Will look very pretty and be tasty.
  • Serve strawberries and pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate.
  • A vegetable tray is always a nice touch. Again, it can be more pickles, olives, etc along with peppers, carrots, cucumbers. Put out a little dip.
  • Cheese and crackers platter.
  • Pita bread with dips, i.e. Hummus, Pesto spread, etc.

Given that your party is all around the kids, make sure that the snacks you put out for the adults are easy for you to prepare, put out, and for the guests to help themselves to during the event.

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