The Percy Jackson series of books are full of adventure and largely based on Greek mythology.

Percy Jackson is the half mortal son of Poseidon. This movie and the book series are excellent inspiration for a Greek Gods party in addition to throwing in some Olympics fun as well.

Looking to invoke the Greek gods at this celebration, find ideas here:

  1. Ask that your guests dress up as Greek Gods.  See if everyone at the party can tell who is who.
  2. Create a Greek God trivia contest and see who knows the most about them.
  3. Bob for Grapes, just like bobbing for apples.
  4. Hold Olympic competitions at Camp Half Blood, like the one Percy attends.  Hang a sign with the Camp’s name on it.
  5. Create Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and award them to the competitors.
  6. Create laurel wreaths that everyone wears on their heads, and can be taken home as a party favor too.
  7. Serve a Greek menu of kebabs, dips, pita bread, and Baklava for an authentic taste of Greece
  8. Read aloud some of the Greek myths and ask your guests to dramatize them for fun on a mock stage.
  9. Percy is accused of stealing Zeus’ master lightening bolt.  Have the kids create their own lightening bolts with heavy card stock and aluminum foil and have competitions with them, i.e. who can throw them the furthest and shortest distances as an example.
  10. Learn some Greek vocabulary or let them try their hand at writing out Greek words too.

Percy Jackson is a great character to build a truly Greek God party theme around.  As the winter olympics unfold this month, engage your kids in learning a bit more about the Greek culture with these fun ideas.

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  1. Percy’s mom is famous for giving Percy blue food to celebrate or to help when he’s feeling down. Send party goers home with a treat bag full of blue candies, etc.
    Camp Halfblood is famous for their strawberries. You could serve strawberries at the party.

    Jill said on March 1, 2010
  2. At camp half blood the campers play capture the flage every Friday. It is a simple and fun game.

    Dan said on April 26, 2010
  3. Like the others said capture the flag and blue food. Also, as a party favor the guests can be sorted into cabins and you can make bookmarks with their name in greek

    Natalie said on March 17, 2013

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